We were made to love the forgotten

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The Angels Exist Foundation is committed to working together with volunteers and companies in the DFW and surrounding areas to help children with special needs live better lives by providing financial assistance. We welcome you to continue to check our site for new updates about our organization and the kids we are supporting.



The Angels Exist Foundation started as a t-shirt fundraiser for a sweet friend’s little girl, Zala, who started having seizures at only 3 years old in May of 2008 and was diagnosed shortly after with the infantile version of Batten’s disease, a degenerative brain disease.

Even with her seizures and losing the ability to walk, Zala was one of the happiest little girls we had ever met and definitely one of the cutest.

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Does Angels Exist Foundation have a mission?

Yes. Our aim is to change the course of history for children with rare fatal diseases and to make the world a safer, kinder and healthier place for all children.

Where does Angels Exist Foundation channel its efforts?

We champion the causes of children and communities whether they are living in extreme poverty or disadvantage, devastated environmental conditions, with disability or life threatening illness.

Our desire is to make a significant impact empowering children, young people and their families. We give grants and resources to families in need with overwhelming medical costs. We invest not only financially, but lend support by engaging the families to talk about their experiences and provide encouragement.

What makes Angels Exist Foundation different from other charities?

Angels Exist Foundation Foundation was made to love the forgotten. We are not interested in the big causes that already have champions. We champion the lost.

We are connecting with a new generation of givers, people like you and me who want to know their money goes directly where children need help most.

Who or what is an ‘Angel’?

An Angel is someone who puts their compassion into action – everyone can be an Angel!

An Angel might:

  • Sign up as an Angel on our website www.angels-exist.org , twitter or facebook and share Angels Exist Foundation with their friends
  • Fundraise or sponsor projects
  • Create Angel activities, or join in our competitions, events and concerts – have fun being an Angel while raising funds
  • Give their time, energy or skills as a volunteer
  • Give their funds to sponsor a child in our current programs
  • Become a Corporate Angel – offering a particular service that benefits the organization (accounting, legal, travel, printing, marketing, PR) or give funds to help cover our costs to do all we do


How does Angels Exist Foundation choose which projects to support?

Our Advisory Board consists of a team of individuals highly motivated in the charity, humanitarian and business world, helping us research, choose and monitor our projects.

Which charitable projects does Angels Exist Foundation support?

We have identified some outstanding charitable projects that have been personally visited and recommended by our Advisory Board. We know that each project is making a tremendous difference in the lives of the children and their families and that any money we give to them will be used exactly as it is designated and not lost on administrative costs or fees.

When did Angels Exist Foundation launch?

Angels Exist Foundation officially launched in August, 2009, with t-shirt fundraiser.

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Thanks to all of the companies who have generously donated to our cause.
Received the Letter confirming our 501(c)3 status from the United States Treasury.
The Angels Exist Foundation
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