We started praying for Zala and her family, but wanted to know what else we could do to help ease some of their stress. Zala’s mom, Kenda indicated that since Zala was started to lose the ability to walk, she needed a special walker, but being a single mom of 4 kids, she just couldn’t come up with the money to pay for the part of the walker that insurance wouldn’t cover. Time was of the essence, since at that time, Zala’s abilities were decreasing weekly. Zala needed the walker immediately to make the most of the time that she was still able to walk, before the disease progressed further. We needed $500 fast. Our band, unremarkable, had a t-shirt line titled after the song “Angels Exist” and so we started selling shirts and donating all of the profits to Zala’s walker fund. We took cash donations as well and within a short time, we were able to give Zala’s family over $750 to get the walker and pay some left over medical bills.

Seeing Zala go from dragging herself across the floor to being able to stand up and walk on her own with the help of the new walker touched our hearts and made a huge impact. We were so blessed and excited at the possibility in being able to take just a little of the stress off of Kenda, and seeing how happy Zala was with her new mobility impacted us and inspired us to want to do the same and more for Zala and other families with special needs kids.

We had been involved in 5k’s before like the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund walk-a-thon, but when we went to support Zala at the 5K run/walk for Batten’s Disease, we were struck by how few people were there to support the cause. The families there were so hopeful and so eager to find a cure for their kids, but the public just didn’t know enough about the disease or the race itself.

The Angels Exist Foundation was created to love on the forgotten. We are here to support the families of kids with rare fatal diseases and try to help ease the strain financially as much as possible for medical supplies and testing. We love our sponsored families and cover them not only with love but prayers for healing and hope.

Join us, make a donation to the Angels Exist Foundation today or help spread the word by purchasing one of our Angels Exist t-shirts here.

With your help, we can make a difference.