Brooke & Albert founded The Angels Exist Foundation in 2009, their passion having been created by over 18 years of active management, volunteering, leadership development, mentoring children and adults alike. This has brought her alongside hundred of inspirational and dedicated charity workers on in North & Central America and some of world’s most vulnerable children.

Over the course of that time Brooke has also been practicing as a manager, songwriter, and advocate working within the business and charity sectors as well as within the entertainment industry.

Albert has worked with kids as long as he can remember, starting out as an Assistant Youth director, volunteering with Super Summers. He moved to Dallas and started working with the After School programs. For the last decade, he was head teacher of two inner city after school programs. He worked closely with children, parents and teachers, experimenting with new models of education, focusing on what each child was good at and helping build their confidence. After obtaining his Director’s license, Albert spent the last few years leading North and South regions of Dallas/Fort Worth as the School Age Education Specialist.

Currently, Albert is studying to be qualified as a Physiotherapist, majoring in Behavioral Analysis.